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Collecting W. W. II German Warbadges of the Third Reich


This site is intended to help the beginning collector as well as the more experienced. I am not an expert so, please don’t consider me one. I got into collecting about 7 years ago and realized a need for some kind of reference on distinguishing the real from the not so real. There are many books that state the award criteria for badges. Very few, however, dealt with hinges and the possibilities of fakes, what to look for, what kind of metal was used. I could find few books that dealt with questions that new collectors had and how to detect the fakes that we all know are out there. Well, I was just full of questions. So, I decided that there was a real need for something like this site I have created. Realize that I am not the last word, do your own research before you buy! I will not be held accountable for what you buy. Truly, you as the buyer need to be aware of what is out there and make selections based on the knowledge that you have acquired. Authenticity is what we are all after. In all fairness to myself and to you, please send no e-mail asking for authenticity on items you have either purchased, or are planning on purchasing.

As I continue to work on this site, I welcome feedback from you the reader in the areas of replication, and authenticity of pieces that are either listed or not. Each bit of information that is compiled here is a learning experience for me as well as the reader. Continuing to gain knowledge will help the collector become more experienced in the selection of future pieces. Thanks, David.

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A great photo display of the knights Cross.
Read a great article on EKs by Doug Driggers.
A great article on Wehrpasses written by Gary Tankard.
GWL.jpg (51716 bytes)  R.F.I. (Request for information) The LdO numbers, makers numbers, hinges,  references, maker marks, 


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