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  1. Collecting Third Reich Militaria -  Includes pictures of Decorations, Medals and Badges that are still easy to obtain!  Everyone needs to stop in and see Paul's site.

  2. German Military Awards and Decorations - A huge site which features articles and photos of decorations received by the men of the Wehrmacht prior to and during W.W. II Also has a great forum where you can ask questions about badge collecting. Well worth the visit.

  3.  Wehrpass - A great site dealing with Wehrpasses. If you're into them this is it!

  4. Beltram's German Militaria - Jody has 27 years experience collecting Third Reich decorations. At his site you can view a great collection of decorations plus read up on reproductions and about myths that plague this hobby. Some day I hope to be as knowledgeable as Jody.

  5. GDM Military Antiques - Gailen David, owner and fulltime operator of this site whose specialty is German daggers and swords. You will also find other items such as books, uniforms, helmets and a fine selection of decorations. I have 2 Tank Assault badges from his site posted here. The Silver AS marked badge and a unmarked Bronze. Check his site out, I highly recommend him.

  6. Jamie Cross Militaria - Jamie deals in Third Reich Militaria along with some British items. He has been very helpful to me in the past, has a great selection of badges and I highly recommend him.

  7. RECENTLY UPDATED! Great selection of specialist books for the collector and enthusiast covering Imperial and Third Reich uniforms, medals and awards, history etc., also British and Allies during WWII.
  8. Stalingrad Military - Historical Club - Learn more about the Battle of Stalingrad. Very interesting site with photos of what's left.
  9. German Medals and Decorations - This site is similar to mine. The owner is trying to show real pieces from his collections in the hopes that people can learn from them.
  10. Aviation wings and Badges of World War II - Great reference site dealing with wings from different countries that were involved in WW II.
  11. Click here to read a great article on Panzer Assault badges by Mike Pinkus.