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             General Assault Badge

     The General Assault badge was instituted on January 1, 1940. It measures 53mm by 42mm and the wreath is 6mm wide. It came in a silver version and was either solid or hollow stamped, although the JFS made badge had a hollow center with the hinge and catch riveted in place.  It almost always comes with a needle pin. There is some controversy as to whether a bronze version existed. I do not believe a bronze version existed.


GABHf.jpg (51465 bytes) Hollow back unmarked General Assault badge. Notice the wings and swastika are cut out. You don't see many of  these. It has wear to the high lights and about 60 to 70 % of it's finish left.


GABHb.jpg (46020 bytes) The reverse should be a mirror of the front.


GABHh.jpg (40491 bytes) Standard type hinge.


HGABc.b&w1.jpg (47521 bytes) Stock wire catch.


GABf.jpg (53962 bytes) This is a solid back GAB, it shows plenty of wear in places and pitina. Has the maker mark of "W".


GABb.jpg (51318 bytes) Reverse shows plenty of patina and has a nice smooth finish.


Gab.2.jpg (57268 bytes)  Here we have a standard type hinge and to the left at about 8:00 o'clock we see the makers mark. You have to look hard but it's there. Most are usually bigger then this.


Sil.GABf.jpg (66712 bytes) Silver General Assault badge with most of it's finish. From the M. Miller collection.


Sil.GABb.jpg (63095 bytes) Reverse so nice silver finish with needle pin.


Sil.GABside.jpg (49457 bytes) Standard hinge with "?" catch.