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IAB2f.jpg (53740 bytes) This is a Zinc made IAB. If you look closely you can see a little of the silver finish left.

IAB2b.jpg (50190 bytes) This is a unmarked reverse. Slightly vaulted.

NewIAB.h.jpg (42001 bytes) You'll notice that the edges are crimped around a standard type hinge.

IAB.cb&w.jpg (48033 bytes) The catch has been soldered into a slot which gives it the appearance of being crimped in place.

IAB3f.jpg (51253 bytes) Another Zinc made badge with alittle of the silver finish remaining. This one also is unmarked.

IAB3b.jpg (56102 bytes) Reverse of IAB. More of the finish on the back then the obverse.

CloseupH.1a.JPG (21990 bytes) Standard type hinge soldered to the badge.

Closeup catch.1a.JPG (8291 bytes) A standard type "c" catch soldered to the badge.


IAB4f.jpg (71798 bytes) This Silver IAB is from the collection of Mike Pinkus. Shows nice detail and is a late war badge.

IAB4b.jpg (65244 bytes) Here's how you can tell. Note the cast hinge, catch and the circles in the corners of the badge. These are made from the ejector pads from the mold.

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